Certified Pomsky breeder

In 2017, we decided to professionalise our Pomsky breeding programme. This means that we stopped breeding as a hobby and became a professional breeder.

Professional breeding versus breeding as a hobby

The main difference between breeding as a hobby and breeding as a professional is all about guaranteeing the quality of our kennels. The health of our dogs and puppies is of paramount importance in this regard.

We work according to established protocols and want every litter of puppies to be perfect, which is also great for the health of our dogs.

PomskyNederland: professional breeder

We are registered with the Kamer van Koophandel/Chamber of Commerce* for the breeding and keeping of dogs, purchase and sale of animals, accessories and food.

Pomsky Blue Merle, litter winter 2020

Besides our registration with the Chamber of Commerce we also have a Unique Business Number (UBN number), issued by the national government. All companies that keep pets for business purposes are required to have a UBN. It is, in fact, a type of certification. Every year, a government-appointed inspector visits us to assess the kennels, dogs, grooming, care and hygiene. They will only extend the UBN if everything meets the requirements.

Striving for perfection

PomskyNederland wants to be the best Pomsky breeder in Europe, which is why our standards are incredibly high. We have the right qualifications and certifications; the origin of our dogs is crystal clear and the well-being of our animals is paramount.

Our dogs are well taken care of, get the best food and are wonderfully healthy and happy. You can only achieve this when the dogs are well-socialised and get the attention they need and deserve.

Our kennels and outdoor premises are fully dedicated to our dogs. Would you like to know more? Find out more about Our kennel.

*Our Chamber of Commerce number is not mentioned on our website to protect our dogs.