As you can see on the Our core values page, we are passionate and driven to breed the best possible dogs. But it’s not all about being knowledgeable: we also want to be accessible, reliable and engaged at all times. And we believe this is not possible without complete transparency about everything, including our prices.

How much does a Pomsky cost?

A strong first-generation Pomsky, an F1 Pomsky, is bred through artificial insemination by a professional veterinarian. As a result the price of an F1 Pomsky is a little higher than that of dogs that are bred naturally.

Our Pomskies come in two different prices, depending on the colour:

Pomsky TypePurchase priceDeposit
Standard*€ 2.800,-€ 800,-
Blue Merle*€ 3.200,-€ 1.000,-
*The colour of the eyes does not affect the purchase price

Both the purchase price and the deposit are fixed, so they are non-negotiable.

Purchase agreement

When you purchase a Pomsky from us, both of us sign a contract of sale. This contract sets out the rights and obligations of the seller (PomskyNederland) and the buyer (you). The contract includes a 12-month warranty against hereditary illnesses and prohibits the buyer from breeding with Pomskies they have purchased from us.


Our Pomsky are regularly placed with families abroad. The prices stated above do not include additional costs for exporting the dog. Live abroad? Keen to know more about our experience with exporting our puppies abroad? Find out more here.

Want to get acquainted and join the waiting list?

If, after the introduction/intake, you’re sure you want to join our waiting list, we will ask you for a deposit. Read more about the deposit and the waiting list.