Pomsky dogs

A Pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky (mother) and a Pomeranian (father). Due to the difference in size between the two breeds, they cannot be cross-bred in a natural way.

This is why the dam is artificially inseminated instead. This means that the Pomeranian’s sperm is placed into the Husky’s uterus by a specialised veterinary from a recognised veterinary clinic. The resulting crossbreed is called a Pomsky.

Pomsky size

An F1 Pomsky is the first (pure) cross between two breeds, which means the size of the adult Pomsky can vary. The variation in size can be different per litter. The size of the dam and the sire do influence the size of their offspring, but puppies in the same litter can actually vary in size.

The average height at the withers of an adult Pomsky is 40 cm. The height at the withers is measured from the ground to the top of the back. The average weight of an adult Pomsky is 13 kilograms.

In practice, the height ranges from 35 to 50 cm and the weight from 5 kg to 20 kg. If you prefer a certain size, we can make a reasonable estimate when you choose your puppy. We can predict this based on past experience and on physical appearance, even in puppies, like the size of their paws and their head.

The odourless coat of a Pomsky

A Pomsky’s coat can go two ways: it can be full and fluffy like that of a Pomeranian, or thinner and smoother like that of a Husky. Just like the size, the coats of puppies in the same litter can vary too; some pups end up with a full fluffy coat while the others may have a thinner, slightly smoother coat.

When you choose your puppy, you’ll notice that all puppies have a thick, warm, fluffy coat, so it’s hard to guess how it will develop. Our experience allows us to make a pretty good guess, however.

We distinguish between two types of Pomsky when it comes to coat colour:

  • The Traditional Pomsky in the famous husky colours: grey, black, white and brown.
  • The Blue Merle Pomsky in a mix of black, dark blue, grey and white.

An additional advantage of the Pomsky coat, whether it’s full/fluffy or thinner/smooth, is the fact that the coat doesn’t smell of anything. So a Pomsky’s coat will never spread that typical “doggy odour”.


Pomskies are open, playful, inquisitive and headstrong. Want to find out more about the Pomsky temperament? Then visit our The Pomsky temperament page.