We don’t just let anyone purchase one of our Pomsky dogs. Everyone at PomskyNederland works with and for our dogs with passion, dedication and love. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The well-being of our dogs is our number one priority at all times. Once our puppies have left the litter, we expect their owners to show just as much dedication and love as their dog grows up and grows old.

Think carefully about getting a dog

When you give a puppy a forever home, it’s essential that you have given this careful consideration. Everyone in the family should be fully behind the decision and they must understand that they will be jointly responsible for the dog for at least 15 years.

This responsibility comes in a multi-layered package that includes physical and mental health, care, love and exercise.

Do you have enough time for a Pomsky?

Just like all dogs, Pomskies need plenty of attention. Your Pomsky needs to be walked for thirty minutes three times a day: in the morning, the afternoon and the evening.

Can I leave my Pomsky home alone?

You can leave your Pomsky at home for several hours as long as you train it from the beginning and start gradually.

You should not leave your Pomsky alone for more than three or four hours (half a day). Please do not regularly leave your Pomsky alone for five to seven hours.

This basically applies to all dogs. Dogs are companion animals that live in packs in the wild so they are not used to being alone.

Do you meet these requirements?

Do you meet these requirements? Keen to know how our step-by-step plan from introduction to picking up a puppy works? Then read on.