Waiting list

You’re not the only one who has fallen for your Pomskies and would love to give one a forever home. That’s why we maintain a waiting list to deal with the demand and keep things simple and honest.

How do I join the waiting list?

We don’t just let anyone purchase one of our Pomsky dogs. Because we only want to place our Pomskies with people who we deem suitable and who are truly interested in our dogs. Want to find out more about what we expect from potential new owners? More information.

You can only join the waiting list after an introduction or intake and once you have paid a deposit. This way, we don’t end up with a never-ending waiting list full of people who are not (really) interested in our puppies.

The amount of the deposit depends on the type of Pomsky you want to take home. We distinguish between two types of Pomsky:

Pomsky TypeDeposit*
Standard€ 800,-
Blue Merle€ 1.000,-
* Please note: once you have paid a deposit, you will be placed on the waiting list. The deposit is non-refundable

How does the waiting list work?

We will tell you the estimated wait time beforehand. You are put on the waiting list as soon as you have paid the deposit. Once you have been put on the waiting list, we’ll immediately tell you in which position you are so we can give you an indication of the wait time.

The wait time depends on two factors: the number of people in front of you and the number of litters that we are expecting in the coming months.

When a litter of puppies is born and you’re at the top of the waiting list, we’ll notify you personally straight away. We always work through the waiting list in order of registration. Once you reach the top of the list, you’ll be the first one who can come to have a look and pick a puppy.

Picking a puppy

When we contact you about the birth of a litter, we’ll make an appointment for a visit 4 weeks later. During this visit you can come and have a look to see if one of the puppies is suitable for you.

Found The One? We will register this based on the puppy’s chip number, so you can be 100% sure that you’ll take the right puppy home when the time comes. Can’t find The One? Don’t worry, you won’t lose your deposit, and you’ll be one of the first with a chance to have a look at the next litter!

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