Compared to other dogs, Pomskies do not need any special care, provided the dog gets the right nutrition and its undercoat is well maintained.

Pomsky Coat

The coat does not need special care. It only needs to be brushed if it gets knotted or if it has sand in it after a walk. Do not brush your Pomsky too often, because this can damage and cut the undercoat.

You are advised to get your Pomsky to a groomer twice a year. With the right experience, a groomer will know exactly how to take care of a Pomsky coat.

Pomskies shed once a year. This usually occurs every eight or 12 months and is when your Pomsky loses its old coat. Outside shedding season Pomskies don’t actually lose a lot of hair, especially when compared to other dogs.

How to feed a Pomsky

Varied, high-quality food is essential for keeping your dog’s health, weight and vitality in top-notch condition. The right food also ensures your dog has a healthy coat, so it sheds less and smells fresh as a daisy.

When selecting food, we recommend that you ensure that the kibble is low in cereals, carbohydrates, starch and sugar. Make sure you give your adult Pomsky a varied diet by feeding kibble in the morning and raw meat in the evening.

Please note: dogs, like people, have different tastes and you may have to adjust your dog’s diet because every dog responds differently to food. Please ask us, your pet shop and/or the vet for more information.