Our kennel

We are based in Waalwijk, centrally located in the south of the Netherlands. In the outskirts of Waalwijk we have a large plot of land (6000 m2), which is fully dedicated to our dogs.

Our Pomsky kennel

Our heated indoor kennels are separate from our house and fully equipped to ensure the well-being of our sires and dams and their puppies. We have divided the kennels into two rooms: one for the dams and their pups and one for dogs that aren’t pregnant.

Dams en puppies

The first kennel room is a quiet area with few distractions. Here dams can give birth in peace and raise their pups while they are with us for the first eight weeks.

Non-pregnant dogs

The second kennel room is fully fitted for males and non-pregnant females. Our dogs are housed in pairs in separate enclosures with an indoor and outdoor area.

Our outdoor premises

In addition to our indoor kennels, we have a fenced 2500 m2 outdoor area where our Huskies can run around, play and relax all day. This outdoor area is unique, because it has a large private swimming pool especially for our dogs, so they can swim and cool down when it’s hot. 

Our dogpool

Our large outdoor area allows our Huskies to do what they like best all day long: run free with the pack.

We own all our dogs

We own all the dogs we breed with and they live with us all year. This gives us full control over the origin of the dogs and the health and quality of our puppies.

Full control over our breeding programme

Because we own all our dogs we have full control over our breeding programme and puppies. Therefore it goes without saying that all our dogs are properly vaccinated and healthy and that they get regular health checks. Any new dogs we add to our kennels for breeding purposes undergo a rigorous medical examination before they are used for breeding.

Prevention of disorders

Because we own all the dogs in our breeding programme we can prevent:

  • Severe behavioural disorders, genetic disorders and diseases that may be passed on to the puppies.
  • Dams and/or sires passing on harmful physical features to the puppies.
  • Dams from having too many litters, affecting the health of both the dams and the pups.

In addition, we believe it is important that our dogs are well socialised and trustworthy. All our dogs are friendly, playful and used to people. Our visitors can come to see and pet all dogs.

The mother stays in a separate area with her puppies for eight weeks after their birth. You can find more information about F1 Pomsky puppies at: Our F1 Pomskies.