Step-by-step plan

You’ve made up your mind and want to go for it: you want to take a Pomsky home. That’s a big step and a quite exciting one at that. To make sure you don’t encounter any surprises, we’ve drawn up a step-by-step plan so you know exactly what you and your (future) puppy can expect.

Step 1


Completely bowled over by our Pomskies? Want to get acquainted? Look no further. Contact us so we can organise a meeting. Without obligation, of course.

Step 2


Once you’ve paid us a visit and have decided to join the waiting list, we will ask you to pay a deposit. This will be € 800 or € 1000, depending on the type of Pomsky. Find out more about the costs.

Step 3


Once you are on the waiting list, we will personally keep you informed about our litters. We go through the waiting list in order of registration and payment. Find out more about waiting list.

Step 4

New litters

Once you’re at the top of the waiting list, we’ll inform you right away when a new litter is born and make an appointment so you can pick out your favourite puppy.

Step 5

Picking out a puppy (4 weeks)

When you are picking your puppy it’s really important that you are absolutely sure that he or she is a 100% match. Found a suitable puppy? Then it’s official and we will register it based on its chip number.

Step 6

Puppy cuddling (6 weeks)

Of course, you can drop by to see your puppy before it’s time to pick it up. You’ll get plenty of time to cuddle, play and take pictures. While you’re there we’ll also decide when you’ll come to pick up your puppy.

Step 7

Picking up your puppy (8 weeks)

Puppies may leave the litter after eight weeks. When you come to pick up your puppy, we’ll make sure your puppy is ready to travel and give you a comprehensive puppy pack. You can find out more about this here our puppies.

Step 8

After care

Of course it’s normal to have questions during the first few weeks or months. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about your Pomsky via WhatsApp, phone or e-mail, 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week, throughout your Pomsky’s life.

We love staying in touch with our Pomskies and the families in which they grow up. In fact, it’s why we organise the annual PomskyNederland walk. Find out more about the Pomsky walk on the Loon and Drunen dunes.