We have always been huge dog lovers with a particular fondness for Huskies. Our family can’t imagine not having a Husky or several Huskies around, as we’ve been keeping them as pets for decades.

The Pomsky, all the way from the U.S.

As true dog lovers, we want to stay up to speed with the latest happenings in the dog world. And that’s how, in 2011, we found the Husky x Pomeranian cross, which originated in the U.S. in around 2010. In our opinion, it is a great mix between an energetic, headstrong large dog and an inquisitive small dog. 

After doing some thorough research, we went looking for a suitable Pomeranian father to breed with one of our Husky females. We found a suitable Pomeranian and voilà, the first litter of Pomsky puppies became a reality.

And because we managed to breed a Husky x Pomeranian cross so soon after one of the first Pomsky litters in the U.S., we became the first official Pomsky Breeder in the Netherlands, which was a bit of a surprise.

The first litter of puppies

One thing led to another and the response to our first litter of Pomsky pups was incredibly positive. The Pomsky breed became increasingly well known, not just in the U.S. but in the Netherlands too.

When famous footballers like Daley Blind, Antony Matheus dos Santos, Sean Klaiber and Frank van der Struijk found their way to PomskyNederland, the popularity of our Pomsky puppies sky-rocketed. Soon, we had to start a waiting list for new litters.

And that’s why we decided to further professionalise our passion for Pomskies. With the health and welfare of our dogs always coming first, of course. PomskyNederland had arrived. Find out more: Reputable breeder.