When our first potential customer from abroad contacted us, we were a little flabbergasted and really didn’t know where to start with the export of the puppy.

By now, dozens of PomskyNederland pups have moved abroad. We have plenty of experience with the placement of pups within the European Union and outside it so we are able to offer a complete export package.

Export options

Our kennels have established an excellent reputation all over the globe. As a result of this demand, we have gained a lot of export experience and can give you the right support when you are exporting your Pomsky puppy abroad.

Exporting a Pomsky to the EU or across its borders takes a lot of work. Our extensive experience allows us to effortlessly support our customers with everything this involves.

Where to find our dogs

Countries where our Pomsky dogs found a loving home: Belgium, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Croatia, France, the UK, the U.S. (Los Angeles) and Spain (Madrid).